Couples and Sex Toys – Some Options for You

Couples and Sex Toys – Some Options for You

The honeymoon phase is said to be the most exciting and sexually intense when we talk about coupling up. However, in order for the flame to continue on, a lot of couples turn to sex toys.

If you’re in Calgary, Alberta, the best adult store to hit up for all your couple needs is NUUD Adult Lifestyle Store. There are so many options that are entering the adult product market and the expert staff there can help you find the best fit for you.

There are some exciting new technology in the adult sector, here are some great options for couples:

  • App Controlled Vibrators

There are several options of bluetooth vibrators and companies keep improving their toys with better versions of the apps. There are great c-shaped vibrators that will stimulant both parties and there are other varieties that stimulate one person while the other person controls the toy. These can provide exciting new quality time sessions for couples.

  • Couples Massager

When referring to “couples” massagers/vibrators, these toys are specifically designed for both partners to benefit from stimulation. These can include toys such as vibrating cock rings and other toys.

  • Massage Oil Candle

Foreplay is not underrated.  One of the biggest sellers at NUUD in Calgary are massage candles.  They come in variety of scents and can definitely set the mood for a romantic sensual evening with your partner.

  • Strap-ons

Definitely need to do some research and ask questions when purchasing your first harness strap-on.  They are so many options and types of harnesses. You and your partner should really go to your closest adult store, like NUUD in Canada and see all of your options.

The relationship we all want is there for the taking. It’s important to be open and honest with your partner in fulfilling your needs.  Adult stores are amazing resources to help aid in that.


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