Few Reasons Why Men Prefer To Date A Transgender Woman

Few Reasons Why Men Prefer To Date A Transgender Woman

You must have often heard that men are from Mars while women from Venus but in between, there are transgender too. Men are considered to be stronger people and are more rational and practical while women can be more related to feelings and romance.

On the other hand, transgender can be a woman in their mind, soul, and heart. You need to know how to love a trans. Besides you can get the best of both men and women with them. So, if you have a TS girlfriend, then you can really have a unique experience.

The following are a few reasons why men can get attracted to any transgender woman.

  1. Transgender women are sexier than real women

Men usually fall for the looks of beautiful and sexy women. TS girls compete with actual girls and you will find them much sexier and taking much more care about their beauty.

  1. Transgender women can be more sincere in love

Any transgender will offer you genuine love and they will like to be more sincere to you than any actual girl. The reason is that there is a social stigma attached to them. If they find a loving and caring companion, then they will always remain sincere to him.

  1. It is very rare to find a transsexual girl

If you look at the statistics, then the transgender population is merely 1 percent. Therefore, they are a rare, exceptional, and unique breed and hence the male community is usually curious to know more about them.

  1. Transsexual girls know better how to keep men pleased

These TS girls know quite well, how to satisfy men in conversation and not just in the bed, as they know about males as much as you know. So, as compared to real girls they will be more acceptable to men and always keep their men pleased.

  1. Transsexual girls have a higher sexual appetite

Usually, men have much more sexual desire as compared to women as the testosterone hormone within men gives their libido extra boost.

Transsexual women also share the same libido as men and so can make sexual encounters a lot different from that you can experience with a regular woman.

  1. For intimacy, transsexual girls can be more available 

Since transsexual women have no period problems like women, hence they are much more available for sex.

  1. No fear of pregnancy

There is no fear of pregnancy after having a regular sexual affair with any transsexual woman. It is wise to use the necessary protection while having sex with them for safety.

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