Do You Know Why Men Are So Obsessed with Women’s Boobs?

Do You Know Why Men Are So Obsessed with Women’s Boobs?

If you are a man, you would have noticed that whenever you look at a woman the first glance will be on their boobs and then rest of the other parts. If you are a woman, you must have realized that men are usually staring at your cleavage.

Interesting to explore? Read further to know why men usually are obsessed with tits3 pictures of any women.

According to few famous authors, straight men are obsessed by looking at women’s boobs due to the hormone released during nursing, which helps to make such kind of powerful bond between children with the mother.

According to them, men as children were breastfed then they grew up with the evolutionary drive for certain strong nurturing bond when they find their female partners.

Besides the above, following are few more reasons, why men are obsessed with women’s boobs.

    1. Boobs can make men to think about sexual pleasure

As per the study made in US, men usually use boobs during foreplay as well as during sex and hence the sight of boobs remind them about the bedroom scene.

    2. Good boobs are sign about good health of a woman

By looking at the size of boobs and also good ratio between waist-to-hip, men feel that women are really great for rearing kids, which makes them fall for that woman.

    3. Men are usually born with boob fixation

Few researchers feel that men are usually born with an idea that women’s boob is something attractive and also this feeling has been generated by current society.

    4. Boobs can make men to seek instant gratification

Often while taking any important decision in a business meeting, people use women with attractive boobs, and men fall for instant gratification and end up making wrong decision.

    5. Breasts have nipples

Women’s nipples are usually located on the soft boob with different colors and shapes and are usually in most erogenous zones of female body that can draw immediate attention of men.

    6. Boobs feel nice

Those who have ever touched or fondled women’s breasts know that they can really make them feel good. Usually, men find boobs touchable and really soft that gives a nice feeling.

    7. Boobs are comforting

Certainly, boobs are very comforting as whenever you meet your girl-friend then you touch it while kissing her.

    8. Sign of a female attraction

When a female is aroused by a man then the nipples harden, which is a clear sign that the woman is horny.

    9. Sexy in movement

Besides women’s butts, boobs will look great, as they will move around, for example while women will dance or while playing tennis. They can be really hypnotic!

    10. Breasts are hot simply because of hormones

As already mentioned before, researchers have discovered that men always fall for breasts due to release of certain hormones, which is also released while mothers breastfeed their child.

When woman breastfeeds her baby, then this hormone will increase the attachment and bonding between her and to her child. Men are reminded unconsciously the same feeling while seeing a boob.

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